Industrial Maintenance

At Magna Mechanical, we know how crucial industrial maintenance is and how it can dramatically affect your bottom line. Let’s face it, routine maintenance is not everyone’s favorite subject or at the top of their to-do list and hardly gets a mention at budget meetings. However, when production comes to a grinding halt due to a lack of maintenance, people start scrambling to find the money, the parts, rent equipment, try to hire the right company to fix it and paying their “emergency rates”. All the while your other employees are wondering when they can come back to work, while your customers are wondering where their order is. Magna Mechanical industrial maintenance can alleviate these issues and maximize the efficiency of your production.

Proactive maintenance vs. Reactive Maintenance

Today companies use antiquated maintenance logs to high tech maintenance platforms, and everywhere in between, to keep track of their routine maintenance. They all have one thing in common, the information is only as good as what has actually been logged. Don’t leave this to chance costing you time, money, throughput and in some cases, customers. Magna Mechanical industrial maintenance will take the burden and uncertainty of your preventive maintenance off your hands so you can focus the company’s resources on revenue generating activities. Proactive maintenance typically extends the equipment life twice as long as the manufacturer’s recommendation. Which spreads parts replacement cost out over longer times, reducing overall annual spending for spare and replacement parts. Magna Mechanical’s trained technicians will find potential problems, perform the repairs before an outage, and deliver additional savings in cost avoidance. This avoids unplanned downtime. And it can avoid the expense of conducting emergency repairs. Dispatching technicians with no notice incur high travel costs. This break/fix model of implementing repairs requires expediting parts to the site, which results in high shipping and delivery fees. This is reactive maintenance. All of which can be minimized or avoided with Magna Mechanical industrial maintenance services.

Benefits of Magna Mechanical’s Proactive Maintenance Program:

  • Eliminates or minimizes downtime
  • Increases longevity of equipment
  • Reduces overall capital and reactive expenses
  • Reduces labor
  • Optimizes production and throughput efficiency
  • Minimizes loss risk of perishable production
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